The Power of PowerPoint

Ever since I discovered how to download fonts my first year of teaching, making labels, signs, worksheets, really anything, has always been a fun activity for me as long as I am using a cute font!  PowerPoint is my go to application for creation!  I find Microsoft Word to be super frustrating because it is hard to manipulate anything on the page.  So once I discovered how easy PowerPoint was to use, I have never looked back!

PowerPoint is great because your text and images are all in a text box and you can move the text boxes anywhere you want on the page without it changing the layout of the whole page…. like Word does.  The only issue with PowerPoint I have found is when you are printing you may have too much side space along the top/bottom and sides of the paper… which is a huge waste of space.  I discovered that on my Mac, I can change the page setup, when PowerPoint is up, for it to print to a letter page and then the issue is resolved.

Here’s what it looks like:

Select file to the top of the screen, then page setup…

Next, change slide sizing to Letter Paper (8.5×11) or whatever paper size is needed and WA LA!

My go to location for fonts is on TeachersPayTeachers.  You can search fonts and download till your heart’s content.  My favorite is the KG Fonts.  The creator has a lot of her fonts available for free download, as long as you use them for personal use.

I would love to hear if anyone else loves to use another application to create or if you know where to score more free fonts!

Talk to you soon!


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