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DIY Anniversary or Valentines Day Lovopoly


Raise your hand if you spouse is super hard to shop for. Yep, mine too!

The man never asks for anything so I am always running around in circles when it comes time to gift for our anniversary or Valentines Day. Two years ago I was searching Pinterest when I came across the idea to make your own gift. At first, I was like, “Oh brother…..” but then I saw an idea for Lovopoly. It is set up and played just like Monopoly, but more personal. It was SO much work and took a loooonnnnggg time, but I love it so much, I plan on keeping it forever:) The beauty of this gift is that it is not only fun, but it is a way to walk down memory lane with your spouse. We had so much fun talking about each of the places and our memories there as we went around the board. 


  • Thick Cardboard piece- or to save space I would recommend this foldable board!
  • Pictures
  • Glue
  • Markers or Paint
  • Sharpie marker (thin size)
  • Colored construction paper or card stock
  • Pieces for the playing pieces
  • Love and memories

The How To:

  • Using a ruler make 4 long strips framing the center of your board.
  • Place four large rectangles on each corner:
    • Home
    • Go to Jail (Or dog house)
    • Free Parking
    • Jail (Mine was dog house)
  • Divide each side into however many pieces you want mine was 7 on the short side and 9 on the long side.
  • Pick your colors for the places you can buy during the game. I divided mine up like this:
    • Gold: Army related things- Helicopter, Hum-V, and Fort Jackson
    • Maroon: Wine store, winery, and party bus
    • Green: Sail boat, Water fall, Volcano
    • Dark blue: Silver Dollar City, garden, Branson Landing
    • Pink: Delta Airlines, Carnival Elation, Four Wheelers
    • Cream: Stone Chapel, North Point Church
    • Yellow: Missouri State University and Drury University
    • Teal: Boat, Pier Park, Pineapple Willies
    • Stripes: Fair, Taco Truck, Mexican Villa
  • I would suggest starting by going through pictures. I printed off pictures of us at places like the ones mentioned above and that is how I decided what the properties would be. It is much easier than thinking of a place than going on a hunt to find a picture.
  • Next, make a card for each property that matches the color and price
  • I added some extras in place of rail road and free pass like free kiss, get lucky, and family jewels.- you’ll need to make matching cards in case you land on those!
  • Decorate the center of your board. Make sure you create a place for your extra cards to go.
  • Create money! I used a funny picture of my husband, drew the money on it and made copies. This took forever, so you could always just order some play money from here and call it good! 🙂
  • Make the playing pieces! I used some old chess pieces to glue pictures of our faces. If you don’t have any extra or old pieces laying around these are a great option!

I really hope all that makes sense! I got out the actual Monopoly game while I was working to help me make sure I had all the components in place.

In the end, my hard to shop for husband was pretty impressed with this extensive creation and loved it!

Happy Crafting!



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