DIY Apron

So I am not a great cook….but I do like to craft! So surely making my own apron will turn me into a better cook right? We shall see…..

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a quick summary of how to make your very own apron!

Apron Ingredients    

  • Now you will need some basic sewing skills. I use a sewing machine, but you could hand sew if you want.
  • Thread to match your fabric
  • 1/2 yard of your main material
  • 1/2 yard for your pockets and ties.- I only bought a quarter and I ran out! You could probably get away with just doing 3/4 of a yard.
  • Scissors

*Disclaimer….some of you may hate me and this post because I am not technical about crafts! I tend to go with the “eyeball” route or even the “I’m just winging it” style. I tried my best to write down the measurements after I did my eyeballing. 🙂

Apron Recipe

  • First, pick out some fabric! I wanted a simple, yet classic look so I chose a rough grey striped fabric (1/2 Yard) and picked up a dark grey fabric quarter from good ol’ JoAnn’s.
  • Then, I cut a trapezoid shape out of the striped fabric 20” on the top and 24” on the bottom.
  • Hem all the sides up.
  • Cut out a square or rectangle for your pocket. Mine was a 91/2 X 7” rectangle.
  • You’ll want to make sure you have some fabric for your ties. I wanted to use the dark grey material for the tie, but ran out! I got crafty and used some of both!
  • Using the fabric you have chosen for your ties cut out 4” strips long enough to go around you and tie!
  • Hem the sides
  • Fold and iron the strip in half hot dog style (can you tell I am a teacher?)
  • Now just sew up the side to close your hot dog up for good!
  • Because I had three different stripes, I had to connect them all, so you may too!

And BAM! You have yourself an easy peasy apron.    

Let me know your questions, and be sure to share pictures if you decide to give this a go!

Happy crafting!


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