DIY Pom Pom Envelope Pillow

I don’t know where they came from, but I freaking love them! Yes, those pom poms that seem to be everywhere lately! From curtains to clothes they are just the cutest little added bonus! Well, good lord, pillows are expensive! No matter where you go its $20-$30 for one pillow. I am way too cheap for that! So I thought I’d make my own.  A few weeks ago I bought some pillow forms from Ikea because I hate stuffing! It is always lumpy and I never seem to buy enough the first time. Anywho….So today on my weekly Jo’Ann run I happened to come upon the cutest black and white dotted fabric! Not sure what it is called, but it has a slightly stiff texture to it. So before I could start over thinking it, I bought it along with some black pom pom trim. I also decided to make it an envelope pillow because I hate having to sew all around, then hand sew a section. It always looks horrible! Envelope pillows may be more work and more fabric but it’s worth it if I g


et to avoid hand sewing AND you can easily change out your pillows!

So, with out further adieu—Here is how it went down:


  • 1 full yard fabric
  • pom pom trim in accenting color
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine…or lord help you hand sew 😛
  • scissors


    • Measure your pillow- mine was 18″X 18″ so I cut one piece of fabric that matched that measurement for the front.
    • Cut your trim and lay it with pom poms facing IN on the pretty side of your fabric. Sew along the edge so the trim is attached to the fabric…I know….what the heck….it feels weird, and looks weird to be sewing the pom poms in and to the front, but trust me….it will turn out great!
    • Now for the envelope part, you will need two pieces. They will both be the same width so for mine- 18″. Then take the width and add 6″. So mine was 18 + 6 = 24. Then divide that by 2. Mine was 12″ So both of my pieces were 18″ X 12″. This way they will over lap and you will not be able to see the pillow inside.
    • Hem one of the 18″ sides on both pieces.
    • Lay one of your small pieces pretty side facing the pretty side of your large
      r piece. Sew the three edge sides. 
    • Now lay the remaining small piece pretty side facing pretty side and sew the three sides.
    • Turn your pillow right side out and check and poke the corners out all nice and pretty.
    • Bam! you should now have a pretty pom pom envelope pillow waiting to have a pillow stuffed inside!


Happy crafting!



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