DIY Coasters

Hello, DIY friends!

For years now I have been making my own coasters! From scrapbook paper to my favorite family pictures I have whipped these bad boys up for my own house, for friends and family and for Christmas gifts! Once I made my grandparents a coaster using a picture of them together in high school and they just loved it!

As the years have passed the decor in my house has changed, so I thought it was about time for some new coasters!

It is the small things in a house that really wrap everything together….hehe I feel like I just channeled my inner JoAnna Gains!

True to my typical layout you can find the supply list and instructions to make your own coasters below. Aside from the Mod Podge  (which hopefully you have laying around from all your other DIY projects), these suckers are SUPER cheap to make!


  • Modge Podge glue -you can go to Hobby Lobby, but this is the cheapest I have ever seen it!
  • Modge Podge acrylic sealer like this

  • Paint brush, or foam brush

  • Your favorite scrapbook paper, fabric, or pictures
  • Felt
  • Tiles- I got mine from Lowes for 68 cents a piece!
  • Hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks


  • Cut your paper or pictures so that they lay on the tiles. It is important that none of the sides lay over the tile or they won’t last as long!
  • Using your brush, add glue to the tile and place your paper on top.
  • Add glue to the top of the paper making sure you get all the edges and corners down flat!
  • Let dry
  • Add another layer of glue
  • Let dry
  • Add two layers of acrylic sealer allowing 15 minutes of drying time in between sprays.*** Do this outside! It is stinky!
  • Do not stack your tiles until they are super dry and your felt is on the back!
  • Use hot glue to add felt squares to the back of your title so it doesn’t scratch your tables!

I hope yours turn out amazing!

Happy Crafting!


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