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Household Goods Shipment Done Right!

Tips and advice for your military pcs Household Goods Shipment

I already posted about our unaccompanied baggage shipment here, so I thought I’d post about how our household goods shipment went and focus on what worked and didn’t work! The famous household goods shipment is for packing and shipping the majority of your house.

Household Goods Shipment

Things like furniture, decor, dishes, pillows, bedding, board games, formal wear, rugs, and books go in this shipment. For me, this was the scary shipment because all of my beloved decors was going to be manhandled, wrapped and boxed up! You can do next to nothing before the packers arrive, but I wouldn’t suggest it. They do request that you take down anything hanging on the walls so that they can’t be held liable if there is a hole in the wall:P They also do not want you to pack anything! If you do, they will just take it all out and look through it! I had some clear bins that I wanted to put some odds and ends in and they still looked through it all! They just want to make sure everything is safe! So that, unfortunately, means no cleaners, no liquids, no batteries and no candles. I tried to sneak a bunch of my nail polish into zip lock bags and then put them in the bottom of the bins, but the found them! Dang!

Tips and advice for your military pcs Household Goods Shipment

I had heard horror stories of the movers getting out of the truck and swarming the pace to overwhelm the owner. In gangster fashion, they spread out and start packing fast and carelessly. I was afraid of this happening so I got smart! I placed ALL my breakables and decor in the living room so that I could keep an eye on them as they packed. Then I put only soft things in the back bedrooms like pillows, bedding, rugs, and books. It is super awkward to just go stand in the bedroom and watch this stranger pack so I brought my laptop, sat on the couch and kept an eye on all my important things.

Make SURE they put down floor protection! Also….don’t let them rush you! My guy wanted to me sign the papers before they were done. Some of those papers said they didn’t damage the house….it was awkward, but I had to say, “I’ll sign everything at the end!” The only thing that I really had to be slightly rude about was the high-value form. They “forgot” it and were trying to tell me I’d be alright without it….um no…sorry bud. He had to call his boss and have her bring it out to the house. The guy was mad, but hey…my stuff is covered!

Tips and advice for your military pcs Household Goods Shipment

Oh speaking of the high-value form….put the “parts box” on it! This is the box they throw things in as they disassemble stuff. If that box is lost, everything that had parts in it will be covered! Woot woot!

I would also suggest that if you are a lady on your own you invite a friend over so that you’re not alone with a group of movers. My movers were super nice so I didn’t have any issues where I was uncomfortable or scared.

Last but not least….If you are worried about a bunch of careless movers, get food! The best way to anyone’s heart is through their belly! I provided donuts, soda, Power-aid, and water. They seemed to really appreciate it, and I like to think it encouraged them to take care of all my belongings.

Household Goods Shipment

Tips and advice for your military pcs Household Goods Shipment

Overall- Stay calm, use these tips and your household goods shipment will go great!

Happy moving friends!



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