Vacation in Bermuda

Vacation in Bermuda: Why it should be on your bucket list!       “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do all the things you have always wanted to do.”

-Paula Coelho

Vacation in Bermuda: Why it should be on your bucket list!

Vacation in Bermuda: A Bucket List Must Have

Although we stumbled upon it in a weird way, our vacation in Bermuda ended up being the coolest place we have seen yet! Last summer the hubs and I wanted to go on a tropical vacation, but we also LOVE traveling to cool places and discovering new cultures. We were going to go to Belize, but we got frustrated with the planning process and took the easy way out….a cruise. It was a nine-day cruise that spends two days in Bermuda, one day in Turks and Caicos, and one day in the Dominican Republic. We had fun and are glad we did it, but I don’t think we will be going on any more cruises in our future (I get sick and we got bored on our sea days). Whether you go on a cruise or not, a vacation in Bermuda is seriously a must!

The Five Reasons You Should Vacation in Bermuda

Setting the sea days aside, our vacation in Bermuda was AMAZING! I would love to go back, and highly recommend it to my fellow beach lovers for these five reasons:


The beautiful beaches! Duh! Guys I am not kidding….Bermuda has the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen! Slightly pink tinted sand, crystal clear water, big rocks that you can climb on, and not too calm but not too crazy waves. The whole time we were there I just kept thinking what I am looking at can’t be real, but guys…it is! My favorite beach there was Horseshoe Bay.

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 Vacation in Bermuda: Why it should be on your bucket list!


 The weather! The whole time we were there it was perfect! It was hot, but not too hot to where we were miserable when we were walking around Hamilton. It was perfect for sunbathing and swimming temperature!


 The architecture! Guys, it was like being in Europe and on an amazing island all at once! The towns are old and very British, yet the houses that are stacked all throughout the island are bright beautiful colors with white concert roofs. If you want something fun and relaxing to do after a long walk or day at the beach just jump on a bus and look around!


 The easy transportation! Things in Bermuda are kind of expensive, so we bought a bus pass at the bus station and were able to get everywhere we wanted to go using the bus! Plus it is a cool way to interact and watch the locals. We rode with people going to and from work and kids on their way to school in the morning. It was fun to get to glimpse into the daily routine of the locals. I’m not sure how much it cost, but we also saw plenty of tourists zipping around on scooters. It looked like fun!


The super cool lighthouses! Light houses are just so classic and have the best views. There are several in Bermuda, but we went up Gibbs Light house. It does get a little toasty up there and it is a climb but so worth the views!

 Vacation in Bermuda: Why it should be on your bucket list!   vacation in bermuda


Trust me! Add a Vacation in Bermuda to your Bucket List today!

Happy travels!



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  1. I have had Bermuda on my mind for awhile now so this was a good read! We are wanting to do a beach vacation and have been dying to get back to Turks and Caicos. Since tge hurricane though… this might be a better option!

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