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Tips for Staying Safe while Living Alone

Let’s face it….living alone, no matter how long takes guts.

Tips for Staying Safe while Living Alone.

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Staying Safe While Living Alone

“Hun, I’ve got to go to ____ for _____long.” Ugh, the dreaded sentence. Even worse is the D word…..shhh!!!! We all have either had to deal with our spouses being gone, or you will have to deal with it. There is so much that comes with your spouse being gone: emotional stress, loneliness, financial stress sometimes, fear, kids, school, running your household, trying to keep busy, all the while still maintaining your relationship with your SO. One thing that needs to be delt with first and formost duirng an absense is how to stay safe while we live alone. My hubs and I have been married for almost five years and in that time Daniel has been gone for Basic, AIT, Pre-mobilization, an eleven-month deployment, post-mobilization, a humanitarian deployment to Tanzania, Air Assault School, BOLC, and a whole bunch of ROTC related things. I don’t even want to add that all up! So with all that I have had my fair share of dealing with living alone, and I’m sure there will be more to come in the future. Boo!

Tips for Staying Safe while Living Alone.

So today I want to talk about staying safe while your spouse is gone because you can’t deal with all those other things I listed above unless you are alive and safe right? Now, I’m not saying here that us women are just fair maidens or damsels in distress without our big strong men around. No, we women are strong kick-ass ladies who can deal with more than most, but that still doesn’t change the fact that there are creeps and crazies out there who probably have more physical strength than us. So here are a few things I have thought up, learned about, or tried out over my many months on end living alone!

10 Tips for Staying Safe while Living Alone

  1. Do not put up yellow ribbons! This may be okay to do on post, but a house with a yellow ribbon tied around the tree screams “MY HUBAND IS GONE! I’M HERE ALONE! COME ON IN!” If anyone even comes to the door to sell something I always say, “Oh my husband is cooking dinner” or something so that they don’t catch on that I live alone.Tips for Staying Safe while Living Alone.
  2. Do not post or talk about being alone on social media. Especially if your accounts are not private, don’t post the Missing my hubby or Only 2 more months till ____comes home! Again, that screams to all the creeps that you are a sitting duck!
  3. Take off any military bumper stickers or license plate holders that say Army wife or Marine Wife. Sure, it isn’t a guarantee to the creep driving behind you that your husband is gone, but it might interest him to check your hStaying Safe while Living Aloneouse out!
  4. Keep your garage door shut! As soon as you pull in, make a habit out of shutting the door. If you don’t have a garage make sure you keep your keys and garage door opener in your purse. It is easy for someone to break into your car at night and open the garage door using that door opener!
  5. Leave your front and back porch lights on at night! If I was a creep I would prefer a house that was all dark so that no one could see me sneaking around…..
  6. Make a habit of double checking doors and windows when you are in for the night, leave in the morning, and before you go to bed. This might seem like overkill, but one forgotten lock is an open invitation!
  7. Keep a weapon by your bed- If you don’t have a gun, keep a knife or a bat under the bed. It is better to have it if you need it! (Be careful of keeping guns out of reach of any children in your house! Be gun safe and smart please!)
  8. Watch your street for anything or anyone suspicious! If there is a weird car that keeps making drive by, don’t write it off! Call the cops and report it. If you see a salesperson going door to door and they don’t have any logos or identification with a company report it! It is better to be safe than sorry!
  9. Get a home security system- Now…..I have Vivint and LOVED having it. It was great! I could see if there was any movement in my house, set and disarm the alarm, and check that all my windows were closed all from my phone. I could sleep easier at night knowing that no one could break in without the police automatically being called. HOWEVER, I ran into HELLLLLL when I needed to cancel because of our PCS to Germany. The company tried everything they could think of to not let me out of the contract. In the end, I had to go as far as threatening a lawyer on them before they let me out. So….yes security systems are the bee’s knees, but ASK, ASK, ASK questions and READ, READ, READ before you sign anything! *** If you want to take the cheap way….get some mock stickers like these and plaster them all over! It just makes that creep turn and run the other way if he THINKS you have a system 🙂
  10. Live on post- I know this isn’t an option for everyone because of housing availability or you just don’t like the cookie cutter housing often offered, but living in a super gated community with soldiers as your neighbors is a plus to your safety.

BONUS TIP for Staying Safe while Living Alone

BONUS TIP!!! Buy a fake camera and hang them by your front and back doors! They are super easy to get and install! If a creep thinks he is on tap it might just make him back away! Try these off Amazon!Staying Safe while Living Alone

Some of those might be pretty obvious and hopefully, some are new ideas for you to implement! If you have to live alone don’t take any chances. Don’t worry about looking silly or being embarrassed! Your soldier needs to know that you are safe 🙂

What are other tips and tricks you use to stay safe?



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  1. These are great tips. We’re stationed in South Korea and my husband came home yesterday and told me that the place he works at is going to be doing two-week rotations at another site 3 hours south of where we live (boy opsec makes that sentence confusing lol). Ugh! Two weeks isn’t all that bad compared to what we’ve done before (or you’ve done) but still sucks lol.

    Kylie <3 |

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