DIY Apron

So I am not a great cook….but I do like to craft! So surely making my own apron will turn me into a better cook right? We shall see….. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a quick summary of how to make your very own apron! Apron Ingredients     Now you will need some… Read More DIY Apron


The Power of PowerPoint

Ever since I discovered how to download fonts my first year of teaching, making labels, signs, worksheets, really anything, has always been a fun activity for me as long as I am using a cute font!  PowerPoint is my go to application for creation!  I find Microsoft Word to be super frustrating because it is… Read More The Power of PowerPoint


Meet Anne

Hello all! 
My name is Annie and I am a First Grade teacher, wife, graduate student, traveler, and so much more. 
I am from St. Louis, Missouri.  Home of so many delicious restaurants and treats, like my personal favorites, Giolia’s Deli, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, and Ted Drews.  Also home to the STL Cardinals.  Go Cards!!  I… Read More Meet Anne

Meet Lindsey, Welcome

Meet Lindsey

Hello! My name is Lindsey and I have partnered with my friend and fellow Army wife Anne to write about life here on Marching with Peonies and Passports! I am the army wifey of a super duper handsome, kind, and hard working second lieutenant. I met my hubs in eighth grade and he asked me… Read More Meet Lindsey

Military Life

Our First PCS Move

This June we moved from my husbands 1st duty station to his 2nd.  It was bitter sweet, as I’m sure most moves are.  We were excited to see what Virginia had in store for us since neither of us had been there before, but were sad to leave our friends, jobs, and our house. Tennessee had… Read More Our First PCS Move


Literature Circles

This year I plan on implementing Literature Circles in my classroom.  I am a little nervous because I will be doing it with First graders, but I am hoping that with a lot of scaffolding the end results will be amazing! Positives of lit circles: 1. Teaches students how to collaborate with one another 2. Students develop… Read More Literature Circles