Mermaid Beach Essentials


Beach Essentials for the perfect day at the beach.

Mermaid Beach Essentials

Okay, ladies….While it might be #basic to channel your inner mermaid, if being #basic💁 is your thing…you go girl! You do you. Whether you are a human or a mermaid you need to show up prepared with the crucial beach essentials. With my latest trip to Virginia Beach, I have beach on the brain, so yeah…I am channeling my inner mermaid today. I thought I would share my beach essential list with you all because whether your status is girl or mermaid you need the right supplies for your day on the beach. Don’t worry, I am only listing products I have tried before and LOVE:)

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Skin Care Beach Essentials

Guys…I am not all about that fake tan or that forced tan from tanning oils. Your skin is the largest organ in your body! Keep it soft, smooth, and feeling good with these products:
Beach EssentialsBeach Essentialsbeach essentials
I love Neutrogena because it isn’t oily and doesn’t make me break out! Please don’t forget that your lips are skin too! No one wants to kiss a frog!

Lounging Beach Essentials
Beach EssentialsBeach Essentials


Guys that beach towel is the bomb dot com! I hate laying on a sandy towel! Or, just forget the towel altogether and chill in a low sitting beach chair. I mean really, all I really want in the sand is my feet 👣

Um, Drum Roll Please….

Beach Essentials for the perfect day at the beach.

Yea….I’ll just leave this towel here for you to drool over

Wearing Beach Essentials
Beach Essentials for the perfect day at the beach.

I mean come on! CUTE! This sun hat from Funky Junque’s is not only adjustable, but it comes in a variety of sayings!Beach Essentials for the perfect day at the beach.
Um, do I even need to say anything about this OPI nail color? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so…

Playing Beach Essentials
Beach Essentials

I LOVE boogie boarding! My husband and I could spend hours out there making fools of ourselves if we tried. We bought some cheap boards that ended up cracking in the middle. I like this one because it is a firm hard plastic AND it has a slick plastic on the bottom for extra fun 🙂


Well, folks…I told ya it would be a short and to the point list!

Happy beaching….yes that is a word because I just made it up:)

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