Virginia Beach: Weekend Guide

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A guide to a weekend in Virginia Beach. Everything you need to know for your vacation.

Virginia Beach?

Yes to the Please!

I am a beach lover like most, so the fact that the city of Virginia Beach has the word beach in it got me all excited. Now, I have been to some pretty beautiful beaches and I know the Atlantic side of the states is not known for being the most beautiful beaches in the world, but hey…it is still a beach right? Well, it ended up being pretty great. With the hubs at Fort Lee, Virginia for four months, I was able to fly out twice. I stayed for two weekends each time so we made it to the beach a total of six days. Some days were rainy, some perfect but overall, I would recommend VA beach to those peeps looking for a beach weekend!

If you decide VA beach is right for your next getaway here are the places you MUST go!

Surfs Up! – Virginia Beach

The beach….duh! So the Atlantic ocean front is great! I really like the ocean front because there is nothing like looking out at the water and feeling the pure amazement at how vast the ocean really is. I also like the ocean front because it is full of life. It is pretty much always busy with activity. From families to sunbathers, to volleyball games there is always a buzz of fun in the sun going around at Virginia Beach.

Now the Ocean Front beach starts at 2nd Street and goes North all the way up to 40th Street. Yes, the beach does continue…. but from there the boardwalk ends.If you want to be where all the action is I recommend hanging out between 2nd Street and 35th Street.

If you’re a visual person here is a map 🙂

Let’s talk about this boardwalk….guys there is a cool sidewalk that goes along the beach and a bike path right next to it. You can rent bikes and these four-person bike carts. There are food carts, bathrooms, and restaurants all along the boardwalk. Be sure to also check out Neptune’s Statue between 33rd Street and Laskin Av.

Ocean Front Restaurants Worth Recommending!

THE SHACK!  (8th Street and Atlantic Av.) Guys this was my favorite! It is basically this outdoor bar area with yard games, swings, cool seating, a fire pit, a taco truck, and of course a bar! During the day you can take kids there and play the yard games (family friendly). At night, leave the kiddos and it is a great place to hang out and drink. I don’t know how many times we ran up from the beach, had ourselves a drink then ran back to the beach! BONUS: There are nice bathrooms! (Get a drink and avoid the porta potties on the beach all at the same time.Heck yes!)

Beach Yogurt (8th Street and Atlantic Av.) They have frozen yogurt…duh! I am also a huge fan of New York pizza and this place has it! You can stop in for a quick slice or grab a whole pizza. What is also fun is that it connects to The Shack so you can eat pizza AND get a drink.

Waterman’s Surfside Grille (5th Street and Atlantic Av) If you want to go out for a nice dinner or lunch, this is the spot. The atmosphere inside is buzzing because it is always packed, and the food is tasty. We requested patio seating and it was well worth the wait. There is also a small shop in the waiting area (convenient I know..wink wink). They have some really cute jewelry 🙂

Chix Seaside Bar and Gille (7th Street and Atlantic Av.) We didn’t eat here, but our friends did and they said it was delish!

Parking at Virginia Beach

There is plenty of public parking but we really like the 9th street Parking Garage because it is near above-mentioned restaurants! It is $10 and you can stay all day. If you leave you have to pay again, but we go away with just parking and walking the rest of the day.

-Keep reading for parking options on the bay!

Whoa, Lady…Let’s Take it Easy!A guide to a weekend in Virginia Beach. Everything you need to know for your vacation.

If the crowded busy Virgina Beach is not your thing, there is always the bay. Just a short drive and you can hang out with a more local crowd. Here they waves are a lot calmer and there is a more natural landscape 🙂 I would totally recommend you get these chairs if you decide to visit the bay because the water is so calm you can stick your chair right on the water and feel the waves kiss your feet all day!

If you go to First Landing State Park you can pay $9 to park or camp and you have access to a beautiful bay beach. I really like it here because there is a small gift shop if you run out of water or sunscreen, and real bathrooms! Hallelujah! 

Don’t want to pay for parking? I would recommend driving around Shore Dr. and Great Neck Road because there are lots of apartment buildings that don’t have private parking signs 🙂 We did it and no tickets were issued 🙂

Well, Folks…All I have left to say is grab your beach essentials and go!

A guide to a weekend in Virginia Beach. Everything you need to know for your vacation.


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