A Day in Heidelberg Germany

Living in Kaiserslautern Germany has so many benefits, but my favorite is the close proximity to other beautiful day trip sites! I love a good day trip because you don’t have to spend money on hotels! Whether you live in Europe or are planning your next trip I would highly recommend spending a day in Heidelberg Germany! Today I have rounded up some helpful tips for how you can spend your day! All of these things are tried and true by yours truly, so you can trust that they are the!

A Day in Heidelburg

The first thing I would say to do once you get to Heidelberg is start strolling down Altstadt or the Old Town which has the Hauptstrasse. This is basically a super long and magical cobblestone street lined with fantastic views, hundreds of shops and restaurants. Actually, the Hautstrasse is Europes longest continuous shopping street. This isn’t a one-stop kinda thing for your day in Heidelberg. Really you should find yourself on the street throughout the day!

Next, take a detour from the Altstadt and climb the steep hill to tour the Heidelberg Castle ruins. It is a super steep hill, but it is totally worth it! Noticed the theme today is walking? Yea…wear good walking shoes my friends! The views are amazing and the castle itself is beautiful!

While your up at the castle take a break from the outdoors to visit the worlds largest wine barrel! You can also get yourself some wine and other refreshments while inside!

Another cool thing you should plan on doing at the castle is touring the Pharmacy Mesuem….especially if you’re in the medical field! I’m not, but it was still neat to see how time has changed in that particular industry.

Now you can take the steep descent down from the castle and head back to the Altstadt! There is a beautiful church called the Heidelberg Church of the Holy Spirit. It is breathtaking inside! I would highly recommend you pay the 4 Euro to climb the stairs to the roof. The views from up there are amazing! Fun fact: if you lean on the cement ledge of the roof you can feel the building sway in the wind! It is cool, but a little disconcerting to say the least!




I am not the best foodie blogger in town so I must admit that I failed miserably at documenting where all we ate in Heidelburg! Ah! I will just say there are TONS of restaurants and I would highly recommend you eat at one with outdoor seating so that you can people watch!


Finally, make sure you walk over to the Old Bridge! It is beautiful and once again, you can get yourself some pretty awesome views! You might notice the Old Bridge Monkey on your way up the bridge…, not a real monkey! Legend has it that the monkey, which is holding a mirror is a reminder to people on both sides of the bridge that neither is better than the other and they should remember that as they cross!

For me, I would say that one day in Heidelburg is plenty! I hope my experience in Heidelberg helps you plan your trip! Drop any questions below!

Happy Travels!



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