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Make Money From Home: Teaching

“It’s a beautiful thing when a dream and a career come together”- Author Unknown

Make money from home: teaching

Basically, my entire life since middle school has involved kids in some way. From babysitting to teaching at the church preschool on Sundays to working as an assistant in Pre-schools and daycares to becoming a full-fledged elementary school teacher I’ve always got kiddos close behind me. I really do love teaching. It is so fun, rewarding and it is something I feel kinda good at. Let’s pause now and insert the military: Goodbye teaching job. UGH

Most of you already know that my husband is in the Army and we just moved to Germany where we will be for the next 3ish years. The months and week leading up to the move were hard for various reasons, but what made it extra hard was the never-ending question: What are you going to do there? Are you going to teach? Are you going to get a job?

The answer was always No?…I don’t know…It’s complicated…I need to be available for travel (I’m mean…we live in Europe right?!) Overall getting a job over here is hard….teacher or not. There is a ton of red tape in regards to working on the German economy and it’s just this super long process to get any kind of job through the government. I’m talking months and months and months folks.

So while the break from teaching was kinda nice, I started to really miss it. I started to miss having a purpose. I missed making an impact. I missed kids!

Luckily I literally stumbled upon the best opportunity ever one day on Pinterest. In a random “online teaching jobs” search I landed on VIPKID.

Make Money from Home: Teaching

I have been with VIPKID now for about a month and I just love it.

Make money from home: teachingThe company is so great they are constantly needing more teachers to join their team. Because of the need, they do offer a $50 referral bonus to employs who recruit new teachers to the company. Now, I’m just telling you this in full disclosure, but please know I’m not a pesky salesperson! I’m just a teacher who loves her job and has a platform to share the opportunity with others.

So without further adu…here are the deets:

What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is a company based out of Beijing China that employs native English speaking teachers (mostly American, but doesn’t have to be) to teach kids ages 4-12 English in a full emersion one on one setting online.

Who Can Teach for VIPKID?

Anyone who meets these requirements:

  • Must have a bachelors degree
  • Experience working with kids- ESL experience is a major plus!
  • Can pass a background check
  • Has the tech equipment: Camera, desktop or laptop computer, headphones with mic, great internet speed.
  • Eligible to work in the US or Canda

Click HERE to Apply!


What is the Upside?

Make money from home: teaching

  • The flexibility: You can work from home and set your own hours. You can literally work as much or as little as you would like! The position is labeled “independent contractor” so you don’t have a minimum number of hours to meet each week.
  • The Pay: Depending on how well you do in your interview you can make $7-9 per HALF HOUR, plus you get an extra $1 per half hour if your on time, plus $2 extra if it is a short notice class, plus $5 extra if you get a trial kid to become a paying student enrolled in the program. So really you can make $18-$24 per hour!
  • Professional Development: I love this company because they are not just a money machine…they really do care about the kids and the quality of the teachers they have. There are sooo many opportunities for workshops, meetups, and vertical growth within the company!
  • Make a Difference: I LOVE that I get to interact one on one with kids every day! This isn’t a job where you work from home making sales calls, or grading test materials. These kids are awesome! Most of them are super sweet, silly, focused, and love to see you on the screen!
  • Feel like a “Regular” Teacher: Aside from making a difference with kids every day, I love the crafty part of teaching! I loved having and developing a warm classroom conducive to learning and coming up with new ways to peek student engagement. VIPKID lets me be able to do all that still! Yup! I have a classroom in my house!-Note our furniture hasn’t arrived in Germany yet so right now it is in my dining room, but hey! It was super fun to make!
  • Curriculum: VIPKID creates the curriculum for you! It all spirals from CCSS so it should be familiar stuff to most! I do practically zero prep on my own time for this job! I usually just take 15 minutes before class to look over the material and gather any prop I think would be good to use.


What are the Downsides?

Make money from home: teaching

  • Bookings: So while you get to work as much or as little as you like…it does take time. The first couple months are slow. Basically, you have to work your way up to full bookings. It all depends on how many slots you have open and what you are certified for within the company. Most of the time it is the parents who book you, so when you first get hired, you have to remember to give it time. Each week I get more and more bookings!
  • Bejing Time: So the kids in Bejing can really only take VIPKID classes after school or on the weekends (FOR THEM) depending on your time zone it will be different. I know many American teachers love this job because it lets them make extra money on the side of their regular teaching job. Most US time zones will put you in the position to were you will be able to work very early mornings during the week. I know most teachers who have a normal job during the day will teach for VIPKID early mornings before school and on the weekends. -Again you work as much or as little as you want. Living in Europe is awesome because I get to teach from 11-3pm every day!
  • No Benefits: Like I said before this is considered an independent contractor position so it does not come with health insurance and retirement!

Make money from home: teaching

Every job in the world has its upsides and downsides, but I seriously think it doesn’t get much better then VIPKID! If you are a full-time teacher, sub, stay at home mom, retired teacher, pre-school teacher, in between jobs, or just looking to make a difference this job is something you should consider!

I am happy to talk to anyone about any questions and help you get through the hiring process because they are fairly selective about who they hire! Contact me by dropping a comment below, or messaging me on Facebook!

Again- not being a shameless salesperson, but if you do decide to go for it,  pretty please with a big yummy cherry on top, use my referral code! : 05LL7I

Still, want to know more?

Click here!

Happy Teaching Friends!




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    1. Wow! Korea! Do you like it there? I love your blog by the way! If you decide to give VIPKid a try let me know! I’d love to help you through the hiring process! Once you get hired it is seriously the best work from home job!- Lindsey

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