Creating a Home Gym on a Budget

Creating a Home Gym on a Budget

It seems that over the past few years fitness has become more and more popular. Scrolling through Pinterest you are bombarded with home exercise plans, and Instagram you’re probably living under a rock if you have missed all the gym selfies. Whether you are a man or women working on your fitness isn’t just about looking like the models on magazines or the body-obsessed on Instagram. Instead, it’s really about your health both mentally and physically. I am a busy body and I don’t think I’ve ever once been called a couch potato. I NEED to stay active or I am not a happy person.

Okay…yea yea fitness is great and needed but is it easily feasible? The answer you’re probably struggling with is “heck no!” Gym memberships can be pricey and sometimes the weather doesn’t give a crap about your fitness goals.

If you missed my Home Tour then our probably missed my home gym! Having a gym right in your very own home can eliminate so many excuses and allow you a safe place to work it out while you work towards your goals.

Here is how I created my home gym on a budget of about $350!

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Home Gym on a Budget: The Space

First, you need a dedicated space. If you’re like me putting a treadmill in your living room just isn’t going to cut it…I’m mean, come on what would Joanna Gaine think! Find a place in your home, big or small and take everything out. For me, this was a storage room upstairs. It doesn’t have windows, heating, or AC but it works. Do you have space in part of your garage? Particularly finished attic or basement? Do you have a shop in your backyard? Consider what equipment you want and make sure it will fit beforehand.

Home Gym on a Budget: The Equipment

Cardio Equipment

You DO NOT need to buy every piece of workout equipment out there. Remeber this post is titled Home Gym on a BUDGET! Think about what you enjoy and let that guide you towards any purchases. I like to run and walk so I went with a treadmill. This is the one I have and I LOVE it! I found mine on a Facebook garage sale site. Yea, it’s used but as long as you read brand reviews, ask the owner questions about its usage, and make sure it works before you buy then your golden! If you are not an equipment bunny then utilize Youtube! There are tons of body weight cardio video and best of all…..they are free!


Depending on the floor work you plan on doing a good yoga mat is essential for stretching and some strength training. Luckey, they are super cheap! I love this one! I would also recommend getting a yoga ball because they are super versatile in how you can incorporate them into your workouts.



You do not need a full set of weights, especially if you are just starting out! I bought one set to start. You could also go with bands or just use your own body weight!


I don’t know about you, but I must have a distraction while working out! We had an extra TV that we weren’t using and an old Google Chrome cast so now I can watch all the Netflix binges while walking. Don’t have an extra TV? Consider bringing your laptop or phone instead.

Keep Track

Don’t let your gym be a place of wandering that lacks motivation within the walls. I bought a cheap poster frame, put some white paper in it and then drew on a calendar. I like to keep track of what I do each day and have a place where I can easily see my goals. Any dry erase board, chalkboard, or simple notebook will do the job!

Gym Extras

I wanted this room to be a place I enjoyed being in so I bought these super cheap frames, and made some motivational signs using Canva. I hung some mirrors that were 5 dollars at IKEA and I also found some extra washcloths for moping up my sweat and a basket to hold my tennies. Oh…and I swiped a fake plant from my kitchen and added it for some greenery.

And…Bam! That’s how I created my home gym on a budget of around $350. Budgets, of course, will depend on what you want and already have, but just remember to use what you have or bust out your DIY goddess!


Work it girl!




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