Exploring Switzerland

Exploring Switzerland

This past weekend was a whirlwind for the Nilsen family! Daniel got a day off mission and was able to explore the Dead Sea in Isreal, while I took a girls trip to Switzerland! What do you think of when you think Switzerland…..yes let the fat kid come out…’s okay….Chocolate and Cheese! Our trip consisted of just that..chocolate, cheese, more cheese……….and don’t forget the wine!

Exploring Switzerland

Callier Chocolate Factory

First, we stopped in Broc, Switzerland and toured the Callier Chocolate Factory. If you are planning a trip to Broc I highly recommend this tour! It was great! They really went all out to make the history of chocolate exciting and interesting.

Afer learning about the history we toured the factory. It was very cool and almost creepy to watch the machines selected the chocolate and wrap it!  Finally, we were able to do a tasting of all the different types of chocolate they make at the factory.

They warned us that it was a tasting, not a buffet beforehand and we were disappointed that we would have to control ourselves. Turns out they offer you soooo much to taste you can’t even try it all!

We were almost sick at the end of the tour. Not to worry friends…I did buy plenty to take home!

Exploring Switzerland

After leaving Broc, we headed to the nearby Gruyere, Switzerland.

Exploring Switzerland

Gruyere Cheese Factory

If you can’t figure out how to pronounce Gruyere don’t worry….I walked around the whole day calling it Guy-er. It is really pronounced Gree-air. If you want to go for a bonus you can add a cute french accent. Everyone in Gruyere spoke french so that was a nice change from German. Gruyere, Switzerland is home to the famous Gruyere cheese.

Exploring Switzerland

We stopped at the Gruyere Cheese Factory first and toured the place. It is a very intricate and detailed process to make the cheese. We were able to sample the cheese at six months of age, eight months, and ten months. I thought the eight-month was the best.

Exploring Switzerland

Next, we explored the village of Gruyere which is just a short walk up a hill from the factory. If you are wanting to travel to Gruyere I recommend you take the train as there is a train station right across the street from the cheese factory.

The village is an amazing storybook picture with stone buildings, shutters, Switzerland flags, and cobblestone roads.

We stopped at a restaurant for lunch. We walked in and almost left because the smell of cheese was so overpowering. I’m so happy we stayed because I had the best mac and cheese of my entire life there.

Exploring Switzerland

After buying myself a fondue set we headed back to Germany with extremely full bellies and hearts.

Exploring Switzerland

Exploring Switzerland Travel Tips 

  • Everyone speaks French but you will survive on English 🙂
  • Most places accept debit/credit card…which is a big change from how things are done in Germany
  • You will need Swiss-Francs if you wanna use cash.
  • Be prepared to spend A LOT! Switzerland is insanely expensive! My mac and cheese lunch was about $40 and that was on the cheaper side of what we had seen! We stopped for breakfast at a large gas station and breakfast was $17. So yea… prepared.

  • The Gruyere Castle is large and beautiful but we didn’t go in for a tour. It is 12 Swiss Franc per adult if you do want to go in.
  • There is also a funky alien museum there that is known for its rather rude images. We didn’t go in there either but if you’re into that stuff…….it’s there.
  • I wouldn’t recommend doing the Cheese tour if you are planning your trip as it was short and probably not worth the money.

As always feel free to comment below with questions!

Exploring Switzerland

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  1. Thanks so much for the tour. I’m thinking the chocolate factory smells a lot better than the cheese factory. Love the pictures as usual. I’m so glad you have girlfriends to do fun things with.
    Be well and tell Daniel hi for me.
    Love from GG

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