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Six Daily Habits for a Clean House

Six Daily Habits for a Clean House

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a clean freak. It is so true! I have always been very particular about my personal spaces being clean at all times. I even remember having a sleepover once as a kid and being upset and anxious about my friends sitting on my bedspread…becuase it would have wrinkles. Yea……clean to the freak! Even today if I get stressed out my husband will tell me to Swiffer vac the floors because he knows it makes me calmer. I

There is something calming about a clean house. To me, a clean house means that your home is a safe, healthy and comfortable home. When my home is clean and tidy I feel in control. There is so much crap in this world that we have zero control over, but your house is not one of those things.

Daily Habits for a Clean House

Daily Habits for a Clean House

If you are not like me and your house is dirty or messy….that is okay! You will probably live longer than me 😉  BUT, if you are wanting to create some house cleaning habits I have compiled a list of my favorites.

Clean your house thoroughly once a week is at the top of my habits list. Want to know how to do it in under an hour? Check out this post: Weekly Deep House Cleaning Routine where I break it all down! (Coming soon 🙂

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Six Daily Habits for a Clean House

While I clean my house once a week I also think if you do little things each day it makes the big cleaning day easier and faster. These are my daily habits for a clean house.

  1. Rise and place your dishes in the dishwasher as you use them. Don’t let them pile up. It takes 10 seconds people.
  2. Unload the dishwasher as soon as you can or your sink will fill with dirty ones. I like to see if I can empty the dishwasher on a commercial so it is a race. Ha! Whatever gets you through!
  3. Vacuum, sweep or my fav: Swiffer Vac every day or every other. I am super anal about my floors so I zip through the house once a day. It literally takes me five minutes. I’m telling you my Swiffer Vac is my best friend!

4. Put a roll of paper towels and some spray under your bathroom sink. Don’t let nasty hair, hairspray and make up grimy up your bathroom.

5. Make your bed every single day. Your comforter is like a protectant from dust floating through the air. Keep your sheets, safe people!

6. Finally, once a day do a quick straighten up. If you have kids have them help. Set a time for five or ten minutes and zip through the house. Straighten couch pillows fold blankets, pick up toys, file mail/bills, pick up dirty clothes etc. Basically, do a quick scan of anything out of place!

All of these things can be easily done in under five minutes each! Maybe your not as anal as me so start by picking one and do it for a week. Before you know it you’ll have trained yourself in some new house cleaning habits.

Need more? Check out Weekly Deep House Cleaning Routine coming soon!

Happy Cleaning!



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