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Weekly Deep House Cleaning Routine

Weekly Deep House Cleaning Routine

If you read my post Six Daily Habits for a Clean House then you know I am a clean freak. You will also already know that I do small things throughout each day so that my house is virtually always “clean.”Now, I used those quotes around the word clean because to me clean has two separate meanings. It can be surface level clean and deep clean. Let’s break up the two meanings, shall we?

Surface level clean means that if your parents called and said they were on their way over your house doesn’t look like a pig sty. Your beds are made, your dishes are in the dishwasher, your floors are bare of toys and clothes. All of these things are the types of things included in the weekly cleaning habits post.

Deep Clean means your house is actually clean. Your sinks have been disinfected, your toilets scrubbed, your rugs vacuumed and your floors mopped.

At this point, you may be thinking I’m crazy, but really giving your house a deep clean can take under an hour (unless you have a mansion…then just hire someone).

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My Weekly Deep House Cleaning Routine

Below I have broken down my once weekly cleaning routine. I don’t have kids and my hubs works crazy hours so I’m a lone wolf, but if you have a partner or kids you can divide these tasks up and it will go even faster!

If you work pick a weeknight, grab take out and make it a cleaning night! When I was a kid I always knew Thursdays were cleaning nights. We always divided, cleaned, ate Chinese and then settled in for Greys Anatomy. It is so nice to head into the weekend with a clean house

The Routine

  • Start in the kitchen: Spray down counters, stove, microwave, and sink. Wipe everything down.
  • Take on the bathrooms: Spray sink, counter and toilets down with disinfectant. Fill toilet with toilet bowl cleaner and mirror with Windex. Wipe everything and scrub the toilet with a brush.
  • Dust: Using Lemon Sent Pledge dust all furniture.
  • Trash: Grab a trash bag and empty bathroom/laundryroom/ office and kitchen trash bins.
  • Floors: Vacum/ Sweep floors and rugs. People…if you take nothing from this post take this: Get a Swiffer Vac! Life changer! So easy to zip through and “sweep”
  • Floors Continued: Mop-This is my FAVORITE mop! I swear by it!

Bam! You’re done!

Don’t forget to “Spring” clean your house once every three months or so! This cleaning is even deeper to include dusting blinds, trading out AC filters, cleaning out the pantry/fridge and sweeping the garage.

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out Six Daily Habits for a Clean House  

Happy Cleaning!






**Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that -at zero cost to you- I might earn a commission if you buy something through my links, so thank you!

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