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New Mom Tips from Military Spouses

3 New Mom Tips from Military Spouses

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 1 Natural Way, a TRICARE breast pump provider. All opinions are entirely my own and quotes were voluntary and direct.

Tips for New Military Spouse Moms

If you’ve landed here then chances are you are a momma, soon to be a mom, or just simply want kids someday down the road. Chances are you are also a military spouse! I’m an Army wife and while I am a momma to two sweet pups, I don’t have any actual human babies yet. I do however have an extreme type A personality and love to plan for the future.

Tips for New Military Spouse Moms

That being said… I have learned the best way to learn and plan is through the help and advice from others more experienced. In the spirit of planning for those future babies, I reached out to my fellow military spouses via several social media channels. The response was amazing! There were so many tips ranging from “enjoy the small moments” to “use this product, not that.” Below are some new mom tips from our fellow military spouses around the world!

Don’t Go it Alone

“You are most likely going to do some parts of motherhood alone if your spouse is in the service, but just because they are gone doesn’t mean you are really alone.”- Tammy, Fort DrumTips for New Military Spouse Moms

Really this new mom tip is good for us all! Reach out using social media to make friends and get connected. We recently moved to Germany and I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to make friends. After joining some spouses page for our base on Facebook I was able to meet ladies for coffee. Now I have an amazing group of friends to lean on when my husband is gone. If you have a baby or are pregnant try searching for mommy groups for your local base on Facebook. Chances are one exists!

Use Those Resources

“Utilize the amazing resources offered through the military and through Tricare! Don’t waste your money when you can get it through your benefits!”- Kassandra, Ramstein Airbase

Okay, ladies…I have to stop here. This is my favorite new mom tip because while being a new mom AND a military spouse can be overwhelming there are some great FREE resources out there for us! Who doesn’t like free? If you are planning to, or are already breastfeeding I highly recommend you head over and check out 1 Natural Way. They are the best resource for high-quality breast pumps. They offer pumps from Medela, Kiinde, and Spectra. Best of all they are the provider for ALL Tricare plans. (I know right!) You can even get extra breastfeeding supplies AT NO COST TO YOU under your Tricare plan.

Tips for New Military Spouse Moms

One thing I am so grateful for in learning about 1 Natural Way is the fact that they also offer breast pump accessories, compression socks, and postpartum care supplies. A few years ago I had a blood clot and pulmonary embolism after a knee surgery. My doctors say I am at a very high risk of clotting again during and after pregnancy so I will for sure be getting those compression socks! Last but not least….they can ship the items to you every month while you are breastfeeding and/or pumping because they have an awesome resupply program. Seriously, don’t waste your money! I’m so glad I learned about 1 Natural Way now so that when the day comes for my have my babies I will know where to go for a Tricare breast pump(s)!

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Practice Self Care and Love

“When I had my first baby my husband was deployed. I tried focusing only on my little girl to get through the deployment, but after a few months, I began to lose it. My biggest tip is to love yourself and remember to do things that make you as an individual happy.”- Rebecca, Fort Carson

Tips for New Military Spouse Moms

I just love this tip because again every one of us military spouse gals needs to follow it! How do you practice self-care? I try and do deliberate things that make ME happy. As a mom try and think of things you can do that include your sweet baby/kids. Go for a walk or run. Bake some yummy goodies, take a bubble bath after the kids are asleep! It doesn’t have to be huge but whatever it is, do it! Form these self-care habits from the get-go, as your kids will, in turn, learn the importance of self-care just by watching you.


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Happy Momming!



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