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Five Books for Historical Fiction Lovers

Okay, if you have stumbled to this post and are actually reading it for book suggestions then I know we should be BFF’s. I LOVE a good historical fiction book. My favorite time periods include American Revolution, Parie Days, WW2, and Pre-Civil War. I don’t like reading a non-fiction textbook full of facts, but I love learning about history through the connections and relationships I make with fictional characters. Below I have shared my top five historical fiction books! Enjoy!


**Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that -at zero cost to you- I might earn a commission if you buy something through my links, so thank you! Also….while I have shared my own description of these books feel free to look them up on Good Reads as well!


Yellow Crocus

by Laila Ibrahim

This book follows Mattie a slave and nurse for her master’s daughter Lizbeth. It follows both women throughout their lives and how two women so with different lives both yearn for the same thing and will risk everything to get it. This book also has a sequel so that’s a bonus!

America’s First Daughter

By Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie

This book is super long but oh so good! The authors of this book went above and beyond using thousands of letters and primary resources to tell the story of Thomas Jefferson’s oldest daughter Martha aka “Patsy”. Written as a narrative, however, very historically accurate you can learn so much about the time period, political issues and social classes of the days of Thomas Jefferson.

One Thousand White Women

by Jim Fergus

This is what I am currently reading so I can’t vouch for the book in its entirety but boy it is great so far! I LOVE this authors creativity. Jim Fergus has taken a very true piece of history and ran with it…but if a fictional direction. Sort of like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer (weird name but ugh so good!) This book begins with the Chief of the Cheyanne Indians approaching the president asking for a trade of one thousand white women for one thousand horses. The idea was to mix the Native American race with the Caucasian to end the violence of the time. Now, apparently this offer was really made but the president never went with it. This book, however, is written as if it did….yea… juicy!

Redeeming Love



This one is for my Christain friends…or not…but it is a “Christain novel.” Set in California during the gold rush Francine Rivers follows the life of a prostitute living in a brothel but begins with her childhood. So many of us are easily judgmental of prostitutes and can’t understand why they don’t just choose another life. Francine Rivers really makes you understand how mentally life-altering abuse can be. Don’t’ worry it is a beautiful story with a happy ending! If you are a crier…you will probably be crying tears of joy by the end.

Code Name Verity

 by Elizabeth Wein
Last but not least, I give you a great WW2 book! Code Name Verity follows the life and trials of female piolets and their efforts for the allies during WW2. While these women weren’t fighting on the front lines their work was none the less dangerous. This particular book follows “Verity” as she is captured by the Gestapo and forced to endure their horrors. Elizabeth Wein writes a beautiful story that weaves together Verity’s trials with that of her friend.

Are you a Military Spouse? If so check out this book!

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Have you read any of these books? Which is your favorite? Let me know what you think when you finish one!

Happy Reading Friends!


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