Things to Do in Interlaken, Switzerland

Things to Do in Interlaken, Switzerland

Wow! I can’t believe how long I have been away from writing on here! So far I have had a crazy busy summer and just have not had the time! Don’t worry though, I am sitting next to my notebook and it’s FULL of blog ideas and plans!

About a month ago Daniel and I visited Interlaken, Switzerland and it quickly climbed to the top of our top favorite places list. Interlaken is located in central Switzerland and is planted between two of the most gorg lakes in the world: Lake Thunersee and Lake Brienz.

If you’re here trying to plan your trip to Interlaken then follow along as I recap our long weekend there. I HIGHLY recommend everything from our trip! There wasn’t anything I would have changed and the hubs agrees.

We arrive around 2 pm on a Friday and rented a motorboat on Lake Thunersee. It was an old-school cute as can be a little boat and we were in heaven! The lake is fed by melting glaciers so we didn’t swim, but we just drove around for about an hour taking in the scenery. You don’t have to have a boating license to rent this type of small boat so don’t worry about that!

Next, we headed to Interlaken proper to check into our tent village….yea, that’s right I said tent village. This trip was planned last minute and hotels in Interlaken are crazy pricey so we found a hikers tent village on There is the main hostel down the road, but we stayed in the tent village. It was super fun! We had our own private tent, and by tent I mean it had wooden floors, bedding, lights, and a door that locked. There was a large main tent that had a hangout area, TV, full bar, and bathrooms. While they were shared bathrooms it was very clean and everyone was respectful of space. I would totally stay there again!

After checking in, we decided to try and climb Harder Kulm. We are both pretty dang fit and thought it would be no big deal. We started at around 6 pm and it took us a solid two hours of hard climbing to reach the top. The top of Harder Klum holds a beautiful lookout bridge, a B&B, and a snack shack. Warning: they don’t allow personal picnics up there and the snack shack is hella expensive! Also, it is very cold up there! Bring a jacket!

Things to do in Interlaken Switzerland

Becuase it was so late by the time our tired butts got up there we decided to pay to ride the tram back down. It was expensive! I think it was 40 euro for us both to ride down.

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Things to do in Interlaken Switzerland

The next day, our mission was hiking! From Interlaken, we drive about 20 min to Lauterbrunnen. This cute little town is nestled in between two large mountains and is skirted with waterfalls from the melting glaciers above. There is a lift in Lauterbrunnen that takes you up to the car-less town of Murren. The cable car is expensive but SO worth it! Murren sits on the side of the mountain and looks as though it hasn’t been touched by time.

Things to do in Interlaken Switzerland

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With no cars, timber houses and cobblestone streets it offers such a beautiful escape! There were B&B’s up there that I would love to stay in! From Murren, you can hike to your heart’s content! I recommend strolling if you’re not into hitting the hiking trails. You must see all the Swiss Alps have to offer: forests, alpine meadows, glaciers, timber houses, and the sweet sound of the cows with their bells.


Things to do in Interlaken Switzerland


We went way too high, and way too far off the trail causing a VERY sketchy decent! Moral of the story: Stay on the trail! Also, hiking poles are super helpful!

Things to do in Interlaken SwitzerlandThere are some great little restaurants along the trails. We stopped several times just to sit and take in the scenery…and several beers!

 If you are planning a trip to this area of Switzerland, plan to pay big bucks! EVERYTHING is pretty dang pricey in Switzerland but so worth it!

On our last day, we enjoyed wandering around Lauterbrunnen before heading back to Germany. We toured Trummerlbach Falls which takes you inside the mountain so you can see how the water twist and turns its way out.

Things to do in Interlaken Switzerland

Daniel made sure to grab himself a bottle of milk from the Alpine cows 🙂


The area of Interlaken, Switzerland is a once in a lifetime trip that if it isn’t already on your bucket list then go grab a pen and put it there!

Things to do in Interlaken Switzerland

Happy Traveling!


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