London, England Recap

London Recap

Oh my! As I was preparing for this post I realized there is no way I can just do one post! For friends and family, this is a quick recap of our trip to London a few weeks ago. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter, Places to Eat in London, and Things to do in London!

Having been to Paris several times and falling in love with the tan ornate architecture that exists on every building top to bottom, I was picturing something similar in London. I was wrong. London is a much more lively, young, and modern city filled with old and ornate buildings crammed up against modern all-glass buildings. I love how being in Paris is almost like being in another time because everything is so well preserved and stays true to Parisien style. To be honest, it took me a hot minute to love London because I really wasn’t feeling all the modern. I’m much more traditional. However, by the end, I came to love the mixture and atmosphere that exists.

My best friend Karley flew across the world to explore Europe with me! Our first stop was London! Our trip started off rough, to say the least! There are two main airports in the part of Germany I live in: Frankfurt International and Frankfurt Hahn. Having only ever flown out of International before that is where we headed at 3:30 am. Upon arrival at security, the agent informed us that our tickets were for Hahn. There was no way we could make the hour drive to Hahn and still make the flight.

After some tears and a large fee, we made it onto the standby list for the next flight out of international. We made it on the plane by the skin on our teeth! Once we arrived in London my soda bottle exploded all over me and we had a hell of a time figuring out the metro system but… finally, we made it to our hotel. With the lack of sleep, there was a lot of slap happy laughter and tears throughout the whole ordeal!

London Recap Day 1

While super touristy I love the Hop on Hop Off Big Bus tours that are in every major city!

We got cozy on the second story of the lovely red double-decker bus and enjoyed riding around getting a feel for the city. It was a relief to just sit and see after the crazy long morning we had had. We saw all the major sites like the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circle, St. Pauls, Westminster Abby, Big Ben, and the London Shard.

In the spirit of being lazy, we hopped off the bus and boarded a sightseeing boat.

It was fun to see the city from a new angle! Finally, we ended our super long day with some tasty fish and chips!

London Recap Day 2

Hoping that our second day would start off better than the first, we woke up bright and early and headed to none other than Buckingham Palace! It is a working palace and is still the current home of the queen! We got so lucky and scored tickets well in advance to tour the staterooms while the Queen was out on holiday.

There are no pictures allowed while on the tour, but trust me it was amazing! I kept running my hands on the banisters thinking, “The freaking queen has touched this!” When the tour was over we enjoyed some tea and a view of the gardent. We pretended we had been invited to one of the Queen’s famous garden parties.

On our way out we tried to catch the changing of the guards in the front of the palace but it was a madhouse!

After Buckingham Palace, we were on a royal high and stopped for lunch a super cute little cafe called Cafe Dianna which is a shrine to the late Princess Dianna.

We also strolled through Kensington Gardens and stopped to admire Kensington Palace.

The rest of the day we hopped on and off the big bus to get closer looks at Westminster Abby, Carnaby Street, some lovely phone booths, and we did some window shopping on Regents Steet.


We finished our day in a non-touristy British pub that has been visited by many prime ministers! We tried out a British pie with mash and it was delish! Definitely, comfort food!

Fun Facts

The phone booths are all exactly 8 feet tall so that the typical London gentleman would be able to walk through and stand with his typical tall hat.

The phone booths do have working phones in them, but many we saw are used as lockers for the homeless to store their stuff. They also kinda smell like urine and poo!

All the cabs in London are the old school body style and most are still only black! So cute! Oh! And you can sit backward or forwards in them!

London Recap Day 3

Our last day was all about Harry Potter! We began our day with some traditional eggs benedict before heading over to Kingscross train station.

If your not a Harry Potter fan this is the station in the books and movies where Harry and his friends board the train to school. There is a section in the train station marked off that says Platform 9&3/4. You can stand in line for a picture, but the line was literally out the building and around the corner! There is also a cute shop where you can buy tons of Harry Potter paraphernalia.

After this, we grabbed a Pasty which is like a handheld chicken pot pie crust filled with savory goodness! Mine had onions, cheese, and potatoes and while super rich and heavy was heaven!

Just like Buckingham Palace we got lucky months back and scored tickets to Warner Brothers Studios London where we toured the Making of Harry Potter! It was unbelievable! We saw all of the costumes, the Great Hall, props, wands, sets, the train, brooms and so much more! All of it was the actual pieces used in the movies! We also got to see how many of the special effects where done! I plan on sharing another post dedicated to this tour and I’ll share more pictures there! Stay tuned!

When we got back home we watched a Harry Potter movie and fangirled out every five minutes screaming we were there! We touched that! We saw that!

Our trip to London was amazing and exhausting as we got back to the hotel at 9 and had to be up to catch the bus to the airport at 12!

I can’t wait to go back with Daniel and see even more!

Thanks for traveling with me!


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