Mykonos, Greece Trip Recap

Mykonos, Greece Trip Recap

Our main trip in Greece was to the small island of Mykonos. After a short stopover in Athens (read about that here) we boarded a super short flight and arrived bright and early.

We had rented a car ahead of time so we went to pick it up. On trips, my husband is typically the main driver as he is (mostly) the better driver. When we arrived to pick up the car we learned about a new law in Greece that only allows you to rent a car if you hold an international drivers license. Daniel only has his German license… I got stuck having to drive, which ended up being quite the adventure! If you are planning a trip to Greece and want to rent a car make sure you start on your international drivers license about three months out!

As we headed over to find our hotel we quickly learned that driving in Mykonos is special. The entire island is only inhabited by 10,000 people so the roads are really just one lane. In the summer the island is packed with tourist which makes one lane driving difficult. On top of this, the roads are not maintained at all and are cracked and lined with potholes. I’d say about 70% of the roads weren’t even paved, but just rocks….not gravel….rocks. Eventually, we just laughed and pretended we were off road jeepin it….except we had a little Hyundai!

While Mykonos is lined with breathtaking beaches and cute little towns, the main part of the island honestly feels like you’re on Mars! It is very dry, rocky and has very rough terrain with little plant or animal life. The roads line the steep cliffs and hills so if you are brave enough to take your eyes off the road for a second you will see great views!….Or better yet just pull over every once in a while to take it all in! Much safer!

Our hotel was right on Agrari beach and was beautiful! We had quite the laugh when we got to our apartment and realized we were all three sharing a room! Sleepover! I highly recommend this hotel, which we booked through

Breakfast with a sea view is included!

The next three days were filled with beach hopping, rock climbing, and sunbathing.

All of the beaches were beautiful and very similar. If you’re looking for a party/club atmosphere then Super Paradise is for you! There isn’t anywhere to lay out on a towel so be prepared to rent sunbeds for the day!

The beaches on the southern side of the island are all very windy!

There was a sweet Greek old man who was walking around selling homemade donuts. Donuts on the beach….heck to the yes!

Agios Beach is on the north side of the island. This one was my favorite as it was less windy and had softer sand. Coming from the states I’m used to soft white sand…something I am learning isn’t as common in Europe. Mykonos beaches are pretty much tiny rocks! I have baby feet and found walking on it to be kind of painful…but again I’m a baby!

In addition to the beach hoping we also enjoyed walking around the cute Old Port.

This is the “city” portion of Mykonos and is probably what you think of when you think Greek island. The pedestrian alleyways between the pristine white structures offered hours of wanderings, picture taking, and shopping.

I enjoyed collecting pictures of the colorful doors. There are some very old windmills near the Old Port which are worth checking out!

Last but not least the food! I am such a picky eater, but like I said in the Athen’s post...I LOVE Greek food!

The restaurants in the Old Port area are very pricey! We did enjoy some famous Greek frappes on the water which was worth it for the view.


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Quick Tips for your Trip to Mykonos, Greece

Bring water shoes or sandals you can climb and walk on rocks in

Don’t wear a dress! It is so windy! Everyone will see your undies!

Food is pricey! Be prepared!

Everyone speaks English so don’t worry about that!


Happy Travels!


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