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 Venice, Italy

Travel Guide

I can’t believe it has taken me SO long to sit down and write about our time in Venice, Italy! My parents and little brother made the long journey to Europe to spend time with us and to travel. My mom has always wanted to visit Venice…so we did! We spend a total of three days on the beautiful island and I felt like that amount of time was perfect.

If you a friend I’m so excited to share all the pictures and details of our time in Venice. If your a guest, follower, or simply stopping by while planning your trip then welcome and I hope you find this travel guide helpful!

We flew into Venice Treviso which is about an hours away from Venice’s Piazzale Roma. This site is pretty helpful if you’re looking into shuttle options. We pre-booked through the bus company ATVO. I highly recommend you pre-book! Here is the ATVO website!

Once we hopped off the bus we were at the Vaporetto station. The Vaperatos are just water taxies! You can purchase your tickets for the vaporetto when you get off the airport bus.

We arrived in mid-July and boy it was so HOTTTT. The Vaperetos are filled full and are super hot in the summer, so be prepared.

We stayed at an Airbnb apartment which is always fun because it makes us feel like locals. It was cool to be able to look out the window down at the canal below!

Over the next three days, we walked countless miles and saw all there is to see in Venice!

Things to do in Venice, Italy

Piazza San Marco

This is a large bustling square in the heartbeat of Venice. The following four points of interest below can all be found in Piazza San Marco. There are restaurants that line the square (hella expensive) and tons of tourist taking pictures. You don’t need too long here but it is worth checking out. I recommend heading here bright and early or late at night to avoid the crowds.

Doge’s Palace

While you’re in Piazza San Marco you’ll notice a giant white gothic style palace at the end. Doge’s Palace is a giant Venetian gothic style palace that was once home to the Doge of Venice (Supreme authority) but has been a museum since 1923. It is incredibly beautiful inside with its grand rooms, painted ceilings, and interesting marks from history.

While inside you can visit the dungeon cells which still hold markings, drawings, and messages from prisoners. You can also walk across the well-known Bridge of Sighs.

Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs is a beautiful, and haunting white limestone bridge that connects the interrogation rooms of Doge’s Palace to the execution chamber and prison cells of the neighboring prison. It is named after the legend that prisoners who crossed over the bridge could not help but sign as they looked out the windows of the bridge and held onto their last glimpses of Venice before their deaths or life behind bars.

Saint Mark’s Basilica

Next to Doge’s Palace is Saint Marks’ Basilica. Utterly beautiful, it towers above the square and draws you in. We finally wanted to go inside but oh my word the lines! Unless you get there super early to claim your place at the front of the line you’ll be waiting in the sun forever.

San Marco Campanile

Because we couldn’t face the long lines to get into the Basicilca we opted for a view from San Marco Campanile. This is the tall tower across from the Basilica. It is cheap to go up and offers amazing views over the bay and island itself.

After spending time in the Piazza San Marco we wandered the tiny streets of the floating city, enjoyed gelato, pizza, and wine!


Burano Island

Once you’ve spent quality time wandering the canals of Venice hop on a Vaporetto and make sure you go see Burano- The colorful island. Burano is the cutest little fisherman’s island with brightly painted buildings lining its own small canals.

Burano is also know was the Island of Lace as lace has been traditionally made here. We stopped in a little lace shop and were held hostage (haha) by an old Italian lady. She went on and on telling us stories in Italian. We had no clue what she was saying but she seemed appeased by our laughing and head-nodding.

Murano Island

Another island easily accessible by Vaporetto is Murano- The Glass Blowing Island. While not as colorful as Burano it is still beautiful and offers less crowded streets than Venice. I recommend you wander the streets and make sure to pick up a traditional piece of glass!

If you visit Burano first make sure you pick up a lace fan…it will come in handy on any island as it is so hot in July!

Lido Beach

It being summer we were craving some beach time. Lido beach is a long stretch of beach that you can get to from Venice by Vaporetto. It truley isn’t the best beach in the world but worth it if you have extra time and want to soak up some sun.

Gondola Ride

While gondola rides are pretty much what Venice is known for I had so many people tell me that they were super overrated, overpriced, and dumb. Yea….Right….DO IT! You’re a tourist! Don’t be afraid to act like one you hipster you! While it is pricey it is so worth it. The summer is the peak tourist season in Venice so the small streets get super crowded and loud. Once we boarded a gondola everything went still and quiet. It was truly like being in a different world from the streets we’d been walking on all weekend. Our driver was very sweet and we enjoyed talking to him about his job and life in Venice.

I’ll throw this sweet gem in just as a reminder that it is super touristy in the summer months! Be prepared!

Happy Travels!


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