Tips for Keeping your Classroom Clean

Tips for Keeping your Classroom Clean

If you know me, or if you have read any of my post about keeping a clean house then you know I’m a clean freak. The innate need for order doesn’t end at my front door. No way! If you are a teacher then you know your classroom is your second home. You might even spend more time there than in your actual home.

My second-year classroom


With all the work already strapped to teachers these days, you might be thinking “how will I ever keep my room clean?” or “That is the least of my worries!” I get you…I really do! But……keeping a clean classroom has benefits to your sanity and productivity but also for your students. You might have kiddos who need and yearn for order and you might have kids who need to learn these orderly habits as apart of your “hidden curriculum.”

My first-year classroom

Teachers Guide: Keeping your Classroom Clean

My Top 5 Tips

  1. Assign students with cleaning jobs each week. They LOVE to have their own classroom jobs, plus it can teach them real-world work ethic if you create a classroom economy to go along with it.
  2. Include clean up into transitions. My kids KNEW I liked things neat and tidy so from the first day of school we practiced cleaning up as apart of transitions. Hey, you make those kids late to recess because they have to clean up their area and they won’t do it again!… Well, at least not for a few weeks maybe!
  3. Create a consequence for every item left out at the end of the day. My least favorite thing to do after school is bend over 200 times and pick up notebooks, jackets, pens, trash, books, etc. At our school, the kids have to walk laps at recess as a consequence. My students knew that if there was a big three or four written on the board in the morning that I had to pick up that many items and therefore, they had that many laps at recess. Of course, your consequences can vary but this technique of counting items worked like a charm!
  4. Be a great example….by this I mean keep your teaching area clean and organized. You model in each lesson don’t you? Why not model for organization?
  5. Do a “Freaky Friday”- Let’s face it with all those little kiddos running around each and every day there are some freaky things living in your room. Make a habit of deep cleaning on Fridays! Take a Clorox wipe and give all surfaces a good run down. Vacuum if need be, and re-stock any supplies! I would always give myself ten minutes and ten minutes only for this. I would run around cleaning and burn some extra calories. Win-win!

Bonus: Classroom mailboxes can be a great way to stay organized, but those suckers are expensive! Check out this post on making some DIY mailboxes for your classroom.

Happy Teaching!


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