Meet Anne, Welcome

Meet Anne

Hello all! 
My name is Annie and I am a First Grade teacher, wife, graduate student, traveler, and so much more. 
I am from St. Louis, Missouri.  Home of so many delicious restaurants and treats, like my personal favorites, Giolia’s Deli, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, and Ted Drews.  Also home to the STL Cardinals.  Go Cards!!  I… Read More Meet Anne

Meet Lindsey, Welcome

Meet Lindsey

Hello! My name is Lindsey and I have partnered with my friend and fellow Army wife Anne to write about life here on Marching with Peonies and Passports! I am the army wifey of a super duper handsome, kind, and hard working second lieutenant. I met my hubs in eighth grade and he asked me… Read More Meet Lindsey



Welcome to Marching with Peonies and Passports! We created this site as friends who wanted to collaborate to share life with each other and with other women around the world. Grab your passports, sniff a sweet peony, and march along with us as we journey through this thing called life!